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Maranta Srl performs precision mechanical machining and lathing for the production of mechanical small parts for third parties.

Components for the housewares, textile, and furniture sectors
Based on a design or on a sample we can manufacture any small part item. This is why we can serve various industrial sectors. In addition to the sectors showcased in this website, we manufacture components for the housewares, textile, furnishing, and handles sectors.

We manufacture items such as:
Materials and machining
We machine items with dimensions varying from 3 to 42 mm in diameter. We can also manufacture items with larger dimensions at the customer's request. The items can be in various materials:
In addition to lathing and milling we can also do the following machining:
ISO 9001 quality certification
Maranta Srl achieved ISO 9001 certification; therefore we are the ideal supplier for companies that must certify the entire production cycle of the product. Our machines are also able to perform minimum tolerance control tests.
Particulars for the other sectors
ISO 9001:2015 certification
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