Maranta Srl Lathing
Sectors served
Maranta Srl lathing deals with precision mechanical machining to manufacture small mechanical parts to the customer's specifications for many different types of uses.

We machine brass, stainless steel, alloyed steel, aluminium and plastic for the manufacture of:
  • valves and junctions,
  • screws and pins,
  • electronic and safety components,
  • pistons and components for motors,
  • sensors and rods,
  • many other items made to order for the customer.
Our machine fleet has:
  • mobile Citizen CNC sliding-head lathes,
  • Gildemeister CNC sliding-head lathes,
  • Biglia CNC fixed lathes,
  • washing system,
  • workshop equipment for finishing of parts.
We perform the following machining:
  • lathing,
  • milling,
  • drilling and microdrilling,
  • deburring,
  • manual and mechanical assembly,
  • washing of parts,
  • corrections,
  • heat treatments,
  • superficial treatments.
Technical office
Mechanical workshop
Lathing and milling
Lathing, always the core business of the company, is managed by our expert technicians with the help of a complete and efficient machine fleet.
We choose to use a specific machine based on the complexity of the part that needs to be machined: our lathes have from 2 to 10 shafts that allow for machining items of various sizes and to perform lathing and milling machining at the same time on the part, without needing to remachine.

Precision microdrilling
We perform the highest precision drilling and microdrilling starting from 0.1 mm in diameter.
Microdrilling is often used in the taps and valve sectors with which we have a long history.

Item washing
After manufacture we wash dirty and greasy parts to prevent the presence of residues. We perform this operation on all our items to deliver products compliant with regulations and not contaminated with polluting residues.

Deburring and visual control
After the manufacturing cycle the parts undergo a careful deburring and refining operation and, if necessary, we perform an accurate control of the part with specific optical instruments to verify the total lack of defects and imperfections.

Manual and mechanical assembly
If requested, we can also assemble one part onto another so that an item can be delivered ready for final use, without further loss of time on your end. For example:
  • O-Rings mounted onto gas seal valves,
  • toilet seat hinges,
  • mechanical components for furniture.
Ordering Maranta Srl to assemble a part allows you to save time and money with the security that the product is delivered perfectly in line with your needs.

Corrections, heat, superficial, tumbling treatments
Thanks to our collaboration with some certified companies in the sector we perform superficial heat treatments such as quenching, carbonitriding, case hardening, corrections, burnishing, phosphating, galvanising, anodizing and tumbling.
Therefore we can deliver a finished product to you that does not require further processing.

Sampling and prototyping
Upon customer request, before starting production, we perform sampling and prototyping of small parts of any shape for dimensions that can vary from 3 to 42 mm. Our technical office studies the best project to ensure the lowest cost and functionality of the item requested.
Lathing and milling
Biglia B301M lathes
Item washing
Small metal part assembly