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Maranta Srl lathing deals with precision mechanical machining for the manufacture of third-party small parts components and remachining of parts of various dimensions such as screws, junctions, bits, valves, spheres and many more.
We take orders starting from 1000 parts based on the customer's technical design. Thanks to the preparation of our technical office and our workers, we can take care of the entire production process: from the designing of the part, to the machining until the delivery of the packaged product.

From the outset in a basement, we have become a fully-functional company
Stefano Maranta started his work lathing at his home garage in Concesio in the province of Brescia, in northern Italy. He loved manual work and for this very reason as a young man decided to buy a lathe. And this is how his passion was born for manufacturing his first items of taps and fittings and valves on request of the companies in his area, Valtrompia. The collaboration worked and the orders continued to increase, thus the activated artisan now became a veritable company.

Maranta Srl lathing: materials machined and sectors served
Maranta Srl today is located in Concesio in an industrial building of 1200 m² and employs about twenty factory and office workers.
We provide for various sectors, such as:
We machine materials such as: alloyed steels, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, ultra-light alloys like Ergal and titanium.

Lathing, milling, mechanical remachining and all machining
Our fleet of CNC sliding-head lathing machines allow us to perform various machining. We deal with precision lathing machining, remachining of already moulded parts, prototyping, milling, drilling and micromdrilling (for holes starting with a diameter of 0.1 mm), manual and mechanical assembly and washing of parts. In collaboration with trusted companies we can perform superficial and galvanic treatments such as chroming, case hardening, burnishing, buffing, phosphating, quenching, solubilisation, galvanising, and laser marking. See all of the machines.

We strive for quality: we are ISO 9001 certified
We have invested in quality because we believe it is the only way to compete. We obtained ISO 9001 quality certification. Therefore we are the ideal company for companies that must certify the entire production process of the finished product. We are also available to issue PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation as requested by companies of the automotive and motorcycle sectors.

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ISO 9001:2015 certification