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Sectors served
Maranta Srl performs precision mechanical machining, lathing and milling for the manufacture of small parts components. We specialise in manufacturing items with dimensions of 3 to 42 mm, but can manufacture larger parts to order. We check the quality of our production throughout the production process to obtain a product that is absolutely compliant to the requirements requested, an essential characteristic of mechanical components of the electronics sector.

Which materials we machine
We manufacture components for the electronics sector in:

We manufacture components for the electronics sector based on your technical design
Every process is based on the customer's technical design: based on this initial project we can manufacture the finished product compliant with all of your technical requirements. We also deal with mechanical and manual assembly if your item requires it.

Below are some examples of items manufactured for the electronics sector:
We are ready and willing to compete - we aim for quality. We obtained ISO 9001 quality certification. This is why we are the ideal supplier for those who must manufacture a certified finished product for the entire production process.
Particulars for the electronics sector
ISO 9001:2015 certification
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