Maranta Srl Lathing
Sectors served
Maranta Srl Lathing deals with subcontracted precision mechanical machining. For twenty years we have been machining mechanical small parts items, staying constantly ahead with regard to the material used, the quality and equipment process at our disposal. In recent years our attention has zeroed in especially on the Automotive industry.

Certified quality
The Automotive Industry is the field we aim for most of all: we wish aim to be ideal partner for customers seeking the utmost reliability and precision.
This is exactly why we achieved ISO 9001-certification and have based our production cycle around the constant control of the parts made.
All of the production process is constantly monitored and tracked with appropriate statistical checks.

PPAP documentation
For every order we receive from the automotive industry we issue PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) documentation as required by the automotive industry. All production phases are monitored with dedicated quality machines. The customer can check the PPAP documentation at our headquarters whenever they want.

Which parts we make for the automotive industry
Starting from the customer's technical designs we manufacture mechanical components for motors, such as:
We machine materials such as:
Particulars for the automotive sectors
ISO 9001:2015 certification
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