Maranta Srl Lathing
Sectors served
Maranta Srl lathing deals with precision mechanical machining and lathing. For twenty years we have manufactured small parts items for third-parties for various sectors, including that of the hydraulics sector. We manufacture steel alloy items that can vary in dimension from 3 to 42 mm. However, we can make larger items to order.

What items we manufacture for the hydraulics sector
Among the many small parts components that we make for this sector are:
What machinings of the parts
Our updated machine fleet along with the experience of our technicians and workers allows us to perform various machining and treatments:
Heat, superficial and galvanic treatments of parts
Thanks to our collaboration with some companies in the sector, we perform superficial heat treatments such as case hardening, corrections, burnishing, and phosphating so be able to offer you even more complete service.

Quality certification
We have achieved ISO 9001 certification, we are therefore the ideal supplier for companies that must guarantee that during the entire production process of the finished item the required quality procedures are followed. Quality documentation is available at our company.
Particulars for the hydrodynamic sector
ISO 9001:2015 certification
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